I am being ruled by two damn cats. Fila the Fearless and Jeanita The Pedigree Princess(bitch). See their details and pictures below, plus also some pics of my late dog, Theti.

Full Name: S* Backkaras Jeanita
Race: Sacred Birman
Nickname(s): Nita, Bitch, mispige
DOB: 07-17-96
Breeder: Backkaras Birma Sweden
Maskcolor: Purple

Jeanita is my baby. She's a senior now, relaxing and enjoying her retirement. She has had 5 litters, and was spaded in 2001, when my friend Jannie got her. After she had had her for six months, the landlord sent her a note, sayng she couldn't have cats in her appartment. So she called me and said "You still want a Sacred Birman?" And I said "YES!" I LOVE Sacred Birmans. Jeanita was a star at the shows. She is a Grand International Champion, but because she was spaded she has to start over as a castrate, when I decide to show her. See more Jeanita & Fila pics HERE.

Full Name: Fila Von Gott
Race: Sacred Birman
Nickname(s): Tumling, bassemand, peetroll
DOB: 07-01-03
Breeder: Von Gott
Maskcolor: Chocolate

Fila is the troublemaker in the house. After I've had Jeanita for 2 years, I said to myself. Maybe I should get another cat? So I did. I called Von Gott and asked if they had any chocolate colored male kittens? And they did! Fila was his name, and now he's mine. And he's actually Jeanita's Great grandson, so we stay in the bloodlines, lol. Fila is going to be bred, and he's reached the right age now, and he's definitely matured, I'll say. I wil start to show him soon, so potential breeders can see him and decide if they want to use him in their bloodlines. He is so sweet. He doesn't pee all over the place and after he's matured he doesn't even show aggression. He's my tumbler. A cuddler by the max. See more Jeanita & Fila pics HERE.

Full Name: Theti
Race: Skye Terrier
Nickname(s): Tussemor
DOB: 1994-2003
Breeder: Don't know

Theti... God, where do I begin? My mom's boyfriend's daughter's dog. That was a mouthful, lol. She was a darling. I miss her so much. All the time. I call her MY dog, because she spent more time with me than with her owners. They moved and couldn't bring her for a while, so I had her, even though my building doesn't allow dogs. She was sadly diagnosed with lung and uterus cancer and was put to sleep in easter 2003. I was broken. But she was in pain and didn't want to live anymore. So it was the right thing to do. But I miss her. My little tussepige. See more Theti pics HERE.