1. My 14'' TV is 12 years old.
  2. I collect weird and crazy objects.
  3. Especially things which has pigs or hippos on them.
  4. Like: A poster of a pig jumping into a lake. A poster of a pig in a bowl of soup. A hippo doorstopper. A hippo pillow.
  5. Among other things.
  6. I'm a fanlistings whore.
  7. I own 104 at the moment, 0 on upcoming, 0 waiting approval. (july 2005)
  8. I am also a domainwhore.
  9. I currently own 12. (July 2005)
  10. I need to own more.
  11. I have asthma.
  12. Which causes me to get sick alot.
  13. I work at Irma, the second oldest grocery store in the world.
  14. My boss is a bitch.
  15. I'm not afraid of flying.
  16. I went flying for the first time when I was 18 months.
  17. I even bought planetickets on 9/12/01, because they were so damn cheap.
  18. And guess what?
  19. The plane didn't get hijacked! *snort*
  20. I want to be a radiologist.
  21. You know what a radiologist does?
  22. I'll be one that takes x-rays of your lungcancer, and I'll be the one that knows, before you do, if you're gong to die.
  23. Lovely, isnt it?
  24. I have three piercings.
  25. I used to have more.
  26. Where, I won't tell. *cackles*
  27. I own 2 cellphones. A Nokia 8210 and a Sony Ericsson P800, which is broke.
  28. I have a gigantic collection of make-up.
  29. I'm a freelance make-up artist/stylist. Not pro.
  30. I am addicted to perfumes.
  31. I have 34 at the moment.
  32. I have met Nsync more than 25 times.
  33. The same goes for Backstreet Boys.
  34. I've met Janet Jackson, No Doubt, Oasis, Tito Jackson, Sting, Erasure, Robbie Williams, to name a few.
  35. I have been a Robbie Williams fan since 1992.
  36. Before 1992, I was a New Kids On The Block Fan.
  37. Yes, I am a pop fangirl! *screams and waves a pink fluffy teddybear*
  38. Though, I mostly now only hear dark alternative rock.
  39. I have more than 250 celebrity autographs.
  40. Yes, I used to be an autograph hunter/groupie.
  41. I have a used Magnum condom wrapper sealed in a bag.
  42. I won't tell who used it.
  43. You can guess, but I still won't tell you.
  44. Have I mentioned I am bitch?
  45. And that I'm evil?
  46. I am a horror/sci-fi/gore lover.
  47. The bloodier, the better.
  48. I adore B-Movies.
  49. The worse, the better.
  50. I can't stand teenage/romantic/sweet as hell movies.
  51. I seriously get spasms when I zap by one on the TV.
  52. I am obsessed with WWII.
  53. Especially movies from/about it.
  54. I am a candle-o-holic.
  55. That's why I currently have 40+ candlesticks.
  56. I'll probably get more in the future.
  57. I have one plant.
  58. The others Fila have either tried to eat, so I had to get rid of them or I killed them by watering them too much or too little.
  59. I am addicted to Pepsi.
  60. I hate, loath, puke over Coca Cola.
  61. I'm also addicted to owning clocks.
  62. I currently have 6 in my apartment.
  63. I've been to more than 20 countries.
  64. Wasn't that a very useful fact to know about me?
  65. I have a postcard in a frame in the window sill.
  66. It reads: Pink Panther is about masurbation. I don't know what she would be doing with the Pink Panther other than taking it home to masturbate with. - Jeff Koons
  67. I love that postcard.
  68. I have three other postcards in frames also.
  69. But I won't waste facts on saying what they say.
  70. Sometimes I crave MacDonalds so bad, I have to go buy it. Bad Sofie.
  71. Then I feel guilty and swear to never ever buy it again.
  72. Which of course, I always end up doing again.
  73. My computer has a name.
  74. What is it, you ask?
  75. Herbie, is his name.
  76. My old computer's name was Rozita.
  77. She was a bitch.
  78. My mom is a computer ilitirate.
  79. Did I even spell that word right?
  80. I am a hardcore Vin Diesel Fan.
  81. I run 4 fansites dedicated to him.
  82. Other stars I adore include; Karl Urban, Jean-Claude Van Damme and many more.
  83. I own 13 ashtrays.
  84. Silly, I know.
  85. I smoke around 20 (er, more likely 30) cigarettes a day.
  86. That's probably why I can't breathe in the morning.
  87. One lamp in my house, gets a new lightbulb every two weeks.
  88. Fila The Fearless, pulls on the cord, and it crashes to the floor.
  89. I need to remember to find a new place to put that lamp.
  90. I only wear black.
  91. Which is a very bad thing, when you have two semi-longhaired WHITE cats.
  92. As I'm writing this, there's a drunk standing outside my window, talking to the said cats.
  93. They wonder if he'll eat them.
  94. Fila has an annoying toy that says a very loud "BOUNCE!" noise.
  95. Maybe the drunk will eat that.
  96. At IKEA, I can be found in the kids department.
  97. I bought a hopscotch carpet there.
  98. And some pink boxes with blue eyes painted on them.
  99. I LOVE IKEA!
  100. Did you really read all this?